Introducing Our Member Spotlight Series

March 6th 2019 by Jennifer Reyes, Program Manager

Ever wanted the inside scoop into what it’s like to be a BlindData Member? You’re in luck; we’re happy to introduce our Member Spotlight Series, featuring periodic posts on our blog in which our community provides insight into the BlindData process in their own words. Meet our first Member Spotlight, Hoi C.

Name, preferred programming languages, current role

My name is Hoi C., my go-to language is Python, and my current role is that of a Lead Developer.

What was it like to go through the BlindData process to land a new opportunity?

The process was very straightforward; you take the assessment, and they match you with potential employers.

What support did you receive from the BlindData team during the job application process? How did it impact your candidacy with your new employer?

The BlindData team helped start the conversation with my new employer, and the assessment I already did with BlindData gave my employer an extra layer of assurance in my skills.

Would you recommend BlindData to other job-seeking software engineers?

Yes; already did actually!

What tips do you have for software engineers looking for new roles?

Don’t be too nervous about the interviews. If you know your fundamentals you’ll do just fine.

What’s one thing you love about your new job?

I’m working with frameworks that I’ve never worked with before, and it’s all very exciting!

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