What is BlindData?

BlindData is an innovative software engineer recruitment platform. We’ve tested thousands of computer software engineers and ranked them against the best programmers from Google, MIT and other top institutions. By first identifying a candidate's skill level rather than screening their resume, we discover hidden talents among the large pool of software engineers and software programmers. Our online platform test for advanced logical thinking, complex programming skills and performance potential. The assessment is currently offered in C++, JAVA, PHP and Python.

We believe software developers should get hired, recognized, and rewarded for their programming talent. We invite programmers who score at the highest level to complete our certification process. Our talent pool consists of thousands of qualified, job-seeking candidates. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with talented programmers on their job search, as well as with businesses on their hiring needs.

Candidates · Benefits & Employment Opportunities

Why should software engineers use BlindData?
  1. Get recognized, rewarded and paid for your software engineering skills.
  2. Test and practice your programming skills.
  3. Receive 1:1 resume coaching and application prep.
  4. Land an exciting new role with one of our select partner employers.
  5. Participate in an activity that is challenging, fun and rewarding!
Do candidates pay to test?

BlindData is completely free of charge for all candidates - depending on your score, you may be compensated for your BlindData certification!

What kinds of companies do you work with?

Our partner employer network ranges - from financial firms, top banks, hedge funds, tech companies and startups, we consistently find great roles for skilled software engineers.

Do you offer remote opportunities?

Most of our partner employers are seeking full-time in-office software engineers at this time. However, we are constantly identifying new opportunities and expanding our job offerings.

Do you have open roles on your team currently?

We are always open to connect with new talent to contribute to the growth of our test and platform. The first step in getting noticed by our hiring managers is to go through the BlindData certification process. Start with the online challenge today!

I’m a data analyst. Can BlindData help me get a job?

Our focus is assessing and matching software engineers, but occasionally our partner seek engineers with data science skills too.

My friend is looking for a job. What referral rewards do you offer?

If you refer a friend who finds a job through us, we will pay you $1000. If you refer a friend who wins one of our $200, $500, or $5000 stipends, we will pay you $50, $100, or $500 accordingly.

Candidates · Online Test

Do I need to prepare for the exam? Do you offer sample questions?

No preparation is necessary! We do not offer sample questions prior to taking the exam.

Which languages is the exam offered in?

We currently offer the exam in 4 languages: JAVA, Python, C++, and PHP.

What is the testing process like?

Our assessment is broken up into online and in-person components. The online component is taken remotely and consists of 12 multiple-choice questions and a coding section, lasting 30-40 minutes.

Depending on these results, you may be asked to complete a more comprehensive in-person exam that consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and a coding section, lasting 1.5-3 hours in total.

How often can I take the test?

We allow candidates to test their skills every 6 months.

Candidates · Final Round & In-Person Testing

How do on-site rewards work?

BlindData is pleased to offer score-based rewards for our on-site candidates to compensate them for their time and effort. Check out our Rewards and Referrals page for further details. If you participated in our weekly contest during Jan and Feb 2019, check the Contest Rules page for those details.

My in-person score qualified for a stipend. How do I receive my payment?

We make all stipend payments via PayPal. Once you complete your in-person exam and provide your PayPal account information, we will complete the transaction for you.

It says the in-person exam is in NYC, but I live farther away. Does BlindData offer travel reimbursement?

Unfortunately the test is only available at our offices in NYC for the time being. Please do not travel for the exam as we currently do not provide any travel reimbursement. You may, however, received a stipend for completing the in-person exam, depending on your score. We hope to offer the exam in additional locations in the future.

I’ve taken the in-person exam. What’s next?

Congratulations on completing the final round of our assessment process! You will be contacted via email regarding your results, regardless of your score. If your score qualifies you to move forward with our process, we typically set up a phone call to learn more about your background. From there we assess which job opportunities best match your skill set and confirm you would like to be connected with our top partners.

Candidates · My Profile & Information

Can I create multiple accounts/profiles?

To ensure a fair process, creating multiple profiles is against company policy and will nullify the results of additional tests. Doing so runs the risk of having your profile deleted and becoming ineligible to participate in future BlindData membership offerings.

How can I view my BlindData score?

Your online and in-person exam scores can be viewed on your profile once all required fields are completed.

I have a non-US phone number and was unable to retrieve a token for the online exam. Is there another way to get one?

BlindData services is only offered to U.S. phone numbers (and residents) at this time. We hope to expand our reach in the future.

How is my profile information shared?

Our security is of the utmost importance to us and your profile is never shared without your consent. Please refer to our company Privacy Policy for further information.


Why should businesses partner with BlindData?

BlindData selects the top pre-screened candidates on the market for you. Save countless hours and dollars for your recruiting function by quickly matching with our certified candidates. Email to learn more.

What are pricing options for employers and companies?

Our fees vary depending on the scope and scale of partnerships. We work with recruiters, hiring managers and HR/Technology leaders to create custom solutions for teams. Email to learn more.