Member Spotlight Series, Volume II

April 29th 2019 by Jennifer Reyes, Program Manager

If you enjoyed our first installment of our BlindData Member Spotlight Series, you're in luck! We're back with a second installment in which a BlindData Member shares his take on what it's like to go through our process. Read on to learn more about Matt B.

Name, preferred programming languages, current role

My name is Matt B. and I currently work as a software developer in investor relations at Gotham Asset Management. I work primarily in C# and T-SQL, but my job frequently requires me to work with Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS, and Excel VBA as well. I also work on personal projects in C. 

What was it like to go through the BlindData process to land a new opportunity?

I really enjoyed going through the BlindData interview process. I thought the website was easy to use, and the questions were very interesting and stimulating without being overly technical or trick-based. The stipend is also a plus.

What support did you receive from the BlindData team during the job application process? How did it impact your candidacy with your new employer?

I thought [the test] was interesting and challenging and touched on many important programming techniques, so it was good as a refresher. The BlindData team presented me with the opportunity and helped me schedule interviews. The benefit of already having taken the test was that it helped make the interview process relatively smooth and quick.

Would you recommend BlindData to other job-seeking software engineers?

BlindData found me an awesome job that I was never expecting, and the process of finding it was fun and easy. I would (and do) recommend it to anyone who’s interested in writing code for a living.

What tips do you have for software engineers looking for new roles?

Be very persistent and aim high. It’s better to know how to study and learn things quickly than to check off every box on a job listing. I applied for hundreds of jobs before I got this one and didn’t even hear back from BlindData until seven months after taking the test, so it’s important to cast the widest net possible and not get discouraged or intimidated.

What’s one thing you love about your new job?

I have a lot of independence and input on the designs of our projects, and being a relatively small company makes working together much easier and friendlier.

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