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January 15th 2019 by Jennifer Reyes, Program Manager

Who We Are

Welcome to the launch of our new blog! We’re excited to have a direct platform to share original content with all BlindData fans.

With the hiring climate heating up and an ever-increasing demand for technical talent, companies of all kinds constantly compete to attract the best software engineers. Employers and candidates alike seek an improved technical recruiting experience. From manually sifting through hundreds of resumes to hiring external headhunters, employers find the available methods to be too costly and time-consuming. Similarly, candidates lack an effective mechanism to showcase their abilities, leading them to be overlooked by recruiters every day. While it’s tempting to resist change, continuously evolving technology demands that we too evolve - or risk being left behind.

To advance alongside the rising technical job market, BlindData created a comprehensive recruiting tool to ensure companies can get ahead of their hiring needs. Our standardized assessment offers an innovative approach for screening technical aptitude, performance potential, and programming knowledge - much like the SAT, GMAT and other aptitude tests. We designed our process with both employers and candidates in mind, with something to offer no matter where you fall within the hiring cycle. Read on to learn about how we got started, what we are up to, and where we are headed.

How It All Started

What led us to enter the talent acquisition space? Well, as the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and BlindData’s origin story is as organic as it gets. While attempting to hire software engineers for another venture, our founders experienced the common pain points of the recruiting process — an inundation of resumes, misleading credentials and claims, and a prolonged screening period. We saw an opportunity to build a solution that would quickly and effectively identify talent beyond the contents of a resume, leading to the creation of the BlindData assessment.

Our founding team possesses a wealth of experience in elite coding competitions (Code Jam, ACM-ICPC, Topcoder and more) as well as business and operational expertise. After recognizing the value of our product, we got to work on building, improving and growing the platform into what it is today.

Where We’re Headed

We pride ourselves on being a diverse group of minds that works every day to bring more transparency and efficiency to the recruiting field. We have big plans in store for the future! Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes looks into our company, tips and tricks of the trade, and insights into tech recruiting. Don’t be a stranger - subscribe to our blog to keep up with our most recent content.

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